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About Us

Our approach is "hands on healing".

We have a very hands-on approach at Broadacres Physio. We believe in treating you holistically, understanding you and your condition, and the way in which it affects your quality of life and your performance.

We do a thorough Clinical Evaluation in order to understand exactly what the problem is, and to understand underlying issues which have led to the problem arising. A thorough evaluation enables us to determine your diagnosis, prognosis, and to treat effectively.


Rehabilitation is especially important in the treatment of all injuries. We place strong influence on Core Stability and spend time teaching you how to do your specific exercises and stretches correctly. We also work closely with Pilates Instructors, Biokineticists and Personal Trainers to optimize your Rehabilitation.

We are now sharing premises with Kelly Frames Biokinetics. This environment is ideal if you require Physio and Strenghtening/Rehabilitation. It will enable the Physiotherapist treating you, to work closely with the Biokineticist, ensuring that you receive the best possible care and optimal recovery and results.

Education is a key factor in understanding your condition, managing it, avoiding complications, and preventing recurrence.

We have a good network of Doctors, Specialists, Biokineticists, Instructors & Trainers, and Alternative Therapists to whom we can refer you in order to optimize your health and well being.

We use a variety of treatment techniques such as:

  • spinal and peripheral joint mobilisation
  • massage & myofascial release
  • trigger point therapy
  • dry needling
  • taping
  • neural tissue mobilisation
  • electrotherapy (ultrasound, interferential, TENS etc)
  • nebulisation (for respiratory conditions)
  • cryotherapy & heat therapy
  • specialised stretching techniques
  • kinesio taping

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